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Military Training Solutions

The success of your mission often depends on the readiness of your equipment.

Caterpillar is the world's largest construction and tactical vehicle engine equipment manufacturer for the Department of Defense.​  These machines and engines are considered the most technologically advanced in the marketplace.  To support these advanced machines and engines, and their owners, Caterpillar has developed extensive technical training capabilities.

Students will be taught by highly qualified Caterpillar instructors and service engineers.  These are the same people that Cat dealers rely on.  The latest up-to-date course materials will be provided for classroom use and can be taken back to your organization to help train others.

Your Training, Your Way
Military service technicians getting trained on equipment maintenance

Caterpillar can customize a training program to meet your specific needs. Programs can be tailored for your organization’s equipment set, technical needs and mission time-line. Trainers can also travel to your location to reduce Temporary Duty (TDY) costs. 

Training curriculum includes...

  • Hydraulic systems, computerized engine systems, high pressure common real fuel systems, electronically controlled transmissions, on-board diagnostics and an overview of system operations.

  • Hands-on practical exercises on vehicles and training aids will reinforce classroom instruction.

  • State-of-the-art simulators are utilized for equipment walk-arounds and operator training.

  • Military Electronic technical (MIL ET), a Caterpillar proprietary computer software diagnostic service tool used to troubleshoot today's modern electronically controlled powertrains.  A copy of MIL ET will be provide to each student as a course take-away.

  • A large library of application-specific online learning.

  • To see the full military catalog click the "View Catalog" button to the right.

How to order...

  • If you are not yet enrolled in Caterpillar University please click the "Ready to Order" button to the right and then click the blue "Enroll" button.  You will be guided through a brief, no obligation enrollment process.

  • If you are already enrolled, click the yellow "Log in" button in the main menu above.

  • You may also explore some of our specialized military curriculum under the "Military" tab in the menu at the top of this page.

Ensure your equipment is ready for your next mission. Leverage Caterpillar training today!

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